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A primary water lake

Lac de Guiche in the Basque Country has always amazed with its water quality. The water is crystal clear, it smells good, bathing in it feels good instantly, you feel purified and it tastes good. The sign even says that the lake contains spring water.

Recently I spoke with an old gentleman who lives in Guiche. He told me that he worked in Guiche's quarry. Indeed, what we know today as Lac de Guiche was a quarry just a few decades ago. He told me how, while digging, water came out. It bothered them because it prevented the exploitation of the quarry. But at some point you had to face the facts: the flow of water was so strong that it was illusory to hope to be able to get rid of it. The water kept gushing out and filled the excavation within a year.

What's great is that the water keeps coming up from the basement. We had to install pipes to evacuate the overflow and thus the water is constantly renewed. It is a lake fed with primary water, without a doubt. The water is new, it lives and it is pure, to the delight of the many visitors. Personally, it fills me with gratitude for the abundance of water that nature offers us.

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