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New Mexico

Flow: 9 m3/h

Depth: 48m

Climate zone: desert

Water type: primary water

Challenge: The client asked us for a well in a cold and desert area.

Context: The client wants to start a family business growing avocados.

​Results and testimonial: "The driller confirmed that we have pure water, with a flow rate of around 40 gpm. This is perfect for growing avocados on our family farm. Thanks to YOU !"


In this desert area, finding water is a real challenge.

Rodeo San Simon_Big Bush landscape.png


“Big Bush” gamma mapping site 1


Radiological analysis shows an area where gamma radiation strongly indicates the existence of water.


Three seismic analyzes were carried out at this location.

Rodeo San Simon_Big Bush gamma.png

Rapid Acoustic Profiling

RAP line 7 


Line 7 confirms that the most significant fracture is at the centre of the line. It had been identified at the end of line 6. 

Rodeo San Simon_Big Bush RAP.png
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