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Find your water source

Our innovative technologies make it possible to locate your well with unprecedented precision.

Locate your water quickly and reliably

We use state-of-the-art technologies

10 years of experience on several continents

Hundreds of satisfied customers

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Our offer

Primary water is generated in the earth's crust by chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen present there. This is new water, unpolluted and available in very large quantities. Primary water is a renewable and sustainable source of water.

Our teams of geologists and physicists work with you to locate the exact location of your future well, on your land.

Receive your hydrological map & your quote (free).

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What is your water requirement?

We serve all types of customers, individuals, communities, associations and companies. Contact us to discuss your needs. The goal is always to find the source of water that will provide you with long-term water.

Why choose Primary Water

​Save your money

Drillers charge for each drilling. So if the borehole is dry or with low flow and they have to do it again, you pay for both. Our water surveys have a success rate of 95+%. This can save you thousands in avoided drilling.

Have the security of always having water

Our technicians are trained to find all the water available on your land, especially the primary water. Primary water is a renewable, pure and infinite source, created in the earth's crust. The pressure causes the primary water to rise, allowing it to be accessed by shallow boreholes. When it reaches the surface it is calledspring water. We allow you to access it, for you and your community.

Get fast results

Our revolutionary methodology is based on state-of-the-art patented technologies to find water with precision. The rigor of our approach allows you to drill your well efficiently and quickly.

Projects carried out with confidence

Whatever your situation, we're here to understand your needs and help you achieve a sustainable, quality water supply. Whether you are an individual who wants water for his family, or a professional who needs water for transformation processes, we support you throughout your project. Everyone needs water. We want everyone to have access to it. We are at your service.

Our technologies

Landowner in Colorado

"It's incredible! You have found a flow rate of 13m3/h at 97m. We did not expect to find such a good well in this region."

Farmer in California

"Thanks to your expertise, we knew exactly where to drill. Given the exorbitant costs of the drillers, I wouldn't have dared to do it without your hyper-accurate mapping."

Avocado Farmer, New Mexico

“The driller confirmed that we now have pure water with a flow rate of almost 10m3/h. This is perfect for growing avocados on our family farm. Thank you for helping us find this precious water!”

Case studies

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