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Flow: 10 m3/h

Depth: 30m

Climate zone: low mountains

Water type: primary water

Challenge: The vast majority of wells in the region have a very low flow rate.

Context: The client's objective is a life in autonomy, to become independent of the water network.

​Results and testimony: The driller confirms that this is the best well they have drilled in 40 years.


The water was located on the side of a hill. This location is known by locals for the lack of water.

Red Bluff landscape.png


The gamma radiation analysis show where on the property it's the most likely to find water. 

Red Bluff_gamma.png

Rapid Acoustic Profiling

Acoustic resonance profiling shows the structure of the underground and indicates where to drill. Several water points were identified. The point indicated for drilling was also chosen according to the relief and the accessibility for the driller.

Red Bluff_RAP.png
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