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We locate water sources

In an arid zone, in a polluted environment, we find new and pure water.

Red Bluff, Californie, USA

Background: The well is located on the edge of a hill in an area of Lewis Flats, CA, a place known, according to locals, for "having no water".


Result: The drillers declared, "This is the best well we've drilled here in the last 40 years! We found a lot of water - about double what we found at 30m, thank you very much!"


Depth of well: 30 m

Flow rate: 10 m3/h

My Little Homestead

"Our land is very arid. With our old well we always had to save water. The prospect of having water in abundance seemed miraculous."


Water quality: The owner has analyzed the water and concludes that it is directly potable. It contains no Nitrites or Nitrates, indicating that it has not been in contact with surface pollutants. It has a solid residue level comparable to Evian. 


Well depth: 150 m

Flow rate: 8 m3/h


The project has been documented and you can view the video here: 

A health center in Oregon

"The old well is shallow and its water contains a lot of arsenic."


Result: The new well produced 20 m3/h of water after reaching a depth of 97m. The driller announced 68 m3/h after reaching a depth of 104m. The static water level is only 3 m below the surface. Water analysis shows a TDS (distillation residue) of just 180 ppm. In other words, this is an extraordinary well with abundant, excellent, pure water!


Drilling depth: 104 m

Static water level: 3 m deep

Flow rate: 68 m3/h

A yoga centre in California

"We are celebrating this success! We finished after the extra 12 m and the well test was over 18 m3/h! It's a great celebration of life. Water is life, and it's a testament to abundance."


Challenge: The more we drilled, the more water there was. When to stop?


Presence of water: as deep as 140m

Depth of well: 213 m

Flow rate: 18 m3/h

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